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I had an interesting discussion with a friend about the Genius model of a product. The Genius, you’ll recall, is a product that thinks about a problem in a new way. The Swiffer, the iPod, Trader Joe’s – all Geniuses. They’re different, a little idiosyncratic, and a consumer must get used to the way they do things – but once the initial barriers are passed, and the consumer sees the light, the Genius product seems like the only way to solve the problem. Everything else is old fashioned and bogged down.

Here It Comes

As I look forward to 2008, I’m very interested to see how the political candidates will market themselves once the primaries start, and pass, and we line up for the election in November. Political communication is pure marketing, for better or worse, and we get to see it in action in ways we usually don’t for other sorts of products, in a truly exaggerated form.

“The Story of the Product,” a simple tool I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, can be easily altered to help understand and support the issues around a product’s Archetype. Recall the Star, the Hero, and the Genius – your product can be one but can’t be all of them. So use Stories customized […]

Genius Underfoot

A Genius product approaches a problem–often, an old problem–in a new way. Flor is a great example: they revisited the rug. Rugs are big, expensive investments. Buy one, especially a large one, and you live in fear of spills, dirt, play-doh: basically, the stuff of life. You can clean your rug with a big machine, […]

Writing the Myth

The key to a successful product is its story: the reason it exists, where it comes from, why anyone should care about it. If we want to foster a real relationship between consumer and product, we must think of products as partners. Not “What is the product?” but “Who is the product?” The three archetypes […]

Archetype 3: The Genius

The third product archetype is the product with a new approach. Genius products rethink the world and solve a problem in a new way. You buy a Genius and think, “I can’t believe no one thought of that before.” Example of Genius products and services: iPod George Foreman Grill Walkman Swiffer Amazon Trader Joe’s None […]